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Have fun blurring the lines between outdoor living and indoor comfort

When warm weather hits, windows open, doors disappear, and the lines between inside and outside blur.

These open-air ideas are sure to make your next alfresco entertaining a little chicer. There are endless ways to invite Mother Nature indoors, from plants and patio furniture to walls of windows. Sliding or folding glass patio doors create a panoramic view of the outside world when it’s raining, and a barrier-free indoor/outdoor solution on those particularly nice days.

Vintage Industrial Metal Cage Pendant Lamp Solid Wood Tripod Floor Lamp 

Flow is important in the perfect indoor/outdoor space. Keep barriers to a minimum to allow for ease of movement, and consider low-profile furniture and light fixtures to create unobstructed views.

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A room full of windows will offer plenty of light during the day, but at night you might want something more focused. An arc floor lamp, island pendants, track lighting, or a multi-pendant cluster add geometric flair when the sun is up, and provide much-needed task lighting when the sun goes down.

Up/Down Light LED Wall Lamp

Not every indoor/outdoor space needs to live within the confines of your home. A few luxurious comforts typically found indoors can help a patio, porch or pool feel a little extra posh. Outdoor ceiling fans, stylish pendants, plush furniture, when it all comes together, you’ll forget you’re out in the elements.

An intuitive and almost subliminal way to merge your outdoor spaces with your interior is to carry elements seamlessly from one space to the other. An exterior stone or concrete wall that smoothly enters and exits the home ties the two spaces together. Similarly, patio flooring, outdoor wall lights, materials found in the surrounding landscape – carrying each of these items into the home creates a sense of balance and harmony.

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In the end, have fun blurring the lines between outdoor living and indoor comfort. A warm strand of string lights, chic portable lamps, a room filled with plants, are the little details that brighten up those summer nights and make those rainy days just a little more charming.

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